Thanks to eagle eyed Joey Zone for pointing this out to me!  Here’s another toy based on the Japanese horror flick, MATANGO, which was (in turn) based on Hodgson’s story, “The Voice in the Night”.  What makes this such a great toy is that it is totally absurd!  Not only is a mushroom person but it’s riding a bicycle!  AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!!! Take a look:


You can find out more information about this toy here:

Anyone else who has weird Hodgson items are highly encouraged to send them in and I’ll feature them on the blog.

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Last week, Hippocampus Press announced a release date for the critical anthology WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON: VOICES FROM THE BORDERLAND! The book will be released sometime in September, 2014, and I will alert everyone the second it becomes available.

This anthology collects many of the major critical articles on Hodgson into one book and I feel that it is the most significant publication in the history of Hodgson scholarship!  And I’m not just saying that because I co-edited the book and have several essays in it as well. These essays mark some of the most important critical work yet done on Hodgson’s life and work.

Also, the comprehensive bibliography that S.T. Joshi and I compiled (along with the help of many  scholars including Mike Ashley and others) will truly be a revelation to many.

Obviously, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.  I encourage everyone to check out the webpage here:




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Now with more Pulp!

Douglas Ellis has sent along another interesting item from the pages of POPULAR magazine.

This time, it’s a WHH mention in the “A Chat With You” portion. The write-up is for Hodgson’s story, “The Getting Even of ‘Parson’ Guyles”, which appeared in the February, 1916, issue.

The following is the text as it appeared:

Of the stories by men beginning their career as writers that come in to us unsolicited, a large percentage are either stories of newspaper life or stories of crime. We know whereof we speak, because we actually go through carefully all the manuscripts that come to us. The newspaper stories are explained by the fact that a great many writers serve their apprenticeship as newspaper men, and write about the things they are best acquainted with. The crime stories are written because a criminal enterprise of some sort seems the most obvious means by which thrill, incident, and danger may be woven into the fabric of ordinary civilized life of to-day. As we say, we like to have as few rules, especially of a negative sort, as possible. We are strongly tempted, however, to make it a rule that no story in which the hero, being a reporter about to be fired, redeems himself by getting a “scoop,” will ever appear in our magazine. So many stories with this plot have been printed, and so many, many more have been written! But perhaps that story will come along again, in new guise, and it will seem so clever, so exciting, so amusing that we will take it. Similarly we have read so many sordid unpleasant stories of crime and criminals, so many foolish stories of sentimental burglars, so many unethical stories of greedy crooks who prosper largely that we are tempted sometimes to shut out the criminal classes altogether. Then along will come a story like one which appears in the next issue of the magazine which we simply must have, and which proves to us yet once more that there are glittering exceptions to all the rules.


This particular story has an odd title. It is called “The Getting Even of ‘Parson’ Guyles.” It was written by William Hope Hodgson, a writer new to the pages of THE POPULAR. In the first place, it is a really brilliant piece of characterization. The “Parson” is a mechanical genius, of religious tendencies, who tries with all his might to keep straight, but is tempted and falls. The more ordinary crooks who assist him in his enterprise are excellent foils. The very strength of character drives the Parson to try so hard to live down his past makes him a creature of dynamic force, mastering and compelling the other two by sheer dominance of idea and personality. The enterprise is the breaking into the carefully guarded strong room of a great bank. The speedy action, the vivid scenes that stamp themselves on the imagination of the reader, the tense excitement, the overpowering anxiety that holds the reader while offices of the law on one side and breakers of the law on the other fight against time make this rather long short story something to be remembered for a long time.


Although I think that this is a bit much in terms of hyperbole, it’s always interesting to see what contemporary sources have to say about Hodgson’s fiction. Especially when they heap so much praise on Hodgson’s ‘characterizations’ which is something many critics have considered to be one of WHH’s greatest weaknesses.

Thanks again to Douglas Ellis for supplying this excellent item!

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A WHH Obituary

You never know where things will turn up.

Recently, Douglas Ellis posted a picture on Facebook of a section from a letter’s page in an old pulp magazine. It was an editorial notice of the death of WHH in WWI but what makes this notice especially interesting is the fact that it quotes from several letters WHH wrote to the editor before his untimely death! As any letter from Hodgson is rare (and those from his WWI days doubly so), I asked Douglas if he’d allow me to post the picture here.  He happily agreed and provided the photo below.

This comes from an issue of ADVENTURE, October 18, 1918, Vol. XIX, No. 2. Their letter column was known as “The Camp-Fire”. It makes me wonder if there may be other letters from WHH hiding in more magazines!

1918 10 18 hodgson letter and death noticeAgain, many thanks to Douglas Ellis for sharing this rare discovery with us!



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Cover to SARGASSO #2!!!

Talented artist Bob Knox has just sent me the file for the cover to SARGASSO #2 and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone!

Once again, Bob has really captured the spirit of Hodgson and I’m thrilled to have this painting grace the cover of the next issue.

fungoid embrace

SARGASSO #2 will be available this November.



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2 Year Blog AnniversaryAs amazing as it sounds, yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of the start of this blog!

Yes, two years ago (on July 1, 2012), I began this blog with the purpose of bringing Hodgson to more readers and expanding our knowledge of this undeservedly forgotten writer.  Since then, I’ve put up more than 200 posts and have reprinted many items of interest. Several new collections of Hodgson’s works have appeared and several more are planned. Critical appreciation is growing and continues to spread.

I’d like to thank everyone for reading this blog and making it the success that it is. I appreciate your interest and support!

Who knows what will happen in the coming year? Much is afoot in the world of Hodgson and he is gaining more readers every day. Thanks to you all!



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New Carnacki appearance

I’ve just been notified that “The Thing Invisible” will be included in an upcoming collection!

It will be in THE BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF LOCKED ROOM MYSTERIES which will be published by Vintage in October, 2014.  Here’s the Amazon listing:

And here’s what the cover looks like:


Although this isn’t the biggest news for Hodgson this year, it always helps to get his stories in front of new readers.






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News and items

There is much going on at the moment and much planning yet to do!  Phillip A. Ellis and I are hard at work on THE COMPLETE POETRY OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON which may see publication later this year.  In addition, the new Carnacki collection is quickly taking shape. It is called CARNACKI: THE LOST CASES and reveals the details of the many cases that Carnacki hints about and mentions in the original Hodgson stories but never fully reveals. This is scheduled for release early in 2015!  I’m also hopeful to finally get my definitive edition of the original CARNACKI stories out later this year which will include my comprehensive introduction about the series, the character and his life beyond Hodgson. Not to mention the second issue of SARGASSO is on track for a November, 2014 publication date. Plus I have a few more surprises in store for 2015 and beyond! The advancement of Hodgson continues!

In the meantime, here are a few odds and ends from around the net about Hodgson:

HODGSON V HOUDINI is a brief recap of the infamous meeting between the two men. It reprints one of the newspaper accounts. My more detailed recap was recently published in WEIRD FICTION REVIEW and in the upcoming collection of Hodgson essays from Hippocampus Press.

Hodgson apparently was awarded the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award by Readercon in 2006. I wish I’d known about this as I would certainly have attended this convention just for the award ceremony alone!

Arvid Nelson wrote a very nice blog post about Hodgson which I’m sad to say I’ve only recently discovered. Nice overview of Hodgson’s work and Arvid makes the case for Hodgson as a writer of “Magical Realism”. Arvid is the writer of the very fine comic series REX MUNDI among other things.

Wormwoodiana is the online companion to the fine journal published by Tartarus Press. This entry talks about the film and TV adaptations of Hodgson.

“The Mystery of the Vampire” is a kind of “pulpish” story purported to be a ‘found’ Hodgson manuscript in the same way that Dr. Watson’s manuscripts keep turning up all the time.


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William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918)

William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918)

I’m happy to announce that Phillip Ellis and I are collaborating on assembling the first ever COMPLETE POETRY OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON!  This will include the entire contents of the two volumes of verse posthumously published by WHH’s widow in 1920 as well as the poems which Jane Frank published in her collection, THE LOST POETRY OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON (2005).

Together, these collections present the entirety of Hodgson’s poetry. Never before has this material been available in one edition! Due to the scarcity of the 1920 volumes, many have never seen these poems before. Jane Frank has kindly given her permission to the reprinting of the material that had been in the Sam Moskowitz collection which only appeared previously in her 2005 anthology.

In addition, this book will contain all of the known criticism about Hodgson’s poetry. The ground-breaking articles by Phillip Ellis and Jane Frank will be reprinted as well as new material and introduction.

Work is continuing on the design and layout of the book and I am hopeful for a November, 2014, release!  Keep watching this space for updates!



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CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES 2nd Edition now available!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00067]Thanks to the efforts of S.T. Joshi and David Schultz, the 2nd edition of CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES is now available!  This edition features all new formatting as well as intensive copy editing to present an all new printing of this popular book.  The contents remain the same as the first edition (now out of print and no longer available) but in a much more pleasing presentation.

Copies are available from Amazon in print and Kindle editions.  You can find the ordering information HERE.

Thanks again to all who have helped make this book so successful and keep watching this blog for news of the all-new collection called CARNACKI: THE LOST CASES!


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