Free Hodgson!

No, this post isn’t about breaking William Hope Hodgson out of some jail but is instead about places where you can find WHH’s stories free online!  For those of you who are interested in WHH but haven’t read him before (or not enough), here are links to some free stuff.

There are several places that have some WHH material available.  One of the best is Gaslight.  Their selections include:

The Voice in the Night

Carnacki (contains 5 of the 9 Carnacki stories)

The Derelict

Captain Gault (a sampler of 3 stories featuring the smuggler)

Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani

For those of you willing to take the challenge, you can find all four of WHH’s novels here:

The Boats of the “Glen Carrig”

The Ghost Pirates

The House on the Borderland

The Night Land (has an unusual ‘map’ of the Night Land… not sure where it came from)

Hodgsonian friend John MacLeod just supplied me with the following link to other e-texts:

William Hope Hodgson e-texts (this includes a few more in addition to the ones above including the collection, MEN OF THE DEEP WATERS)

As of today, 7/3/2012, I have tested all these links and they are working.  Happy reading!

–Sam Gafford



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2 responses to “Free Hodgson!

  1. You’re right! That is a great map! I like the way that it echoes maps of WHH’s time. Thanks for posting this!

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