A Borderland Gallery

Holden & Hardingham, 1921.

I thought we’d take a break from all of the serious stuff today and take a look at some of the covers of various editions of Hodgson’s THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND that have appeared over the years.  Some of these I own but not all (like the Arkham House edition, sadly).  Where possible, I have noted the publisher and year.  If you have others that aren’t displayed here, feel free to post them in the comments so send them to me for a later update.  Enjoy!

Arkham House, 1946.

Ace, 1962.

Panther, 1969.

Panther, 1972?

Freeway Press, 1976.

Manor, 1978.

Sphere, 1980.

Carroll & Graf, 1983.

Carroll & Graf, 1996.

Dover, 2008.

Prohyptikon, 2009.

And, even though it’s an adaptation, here’s the only comic version that I am currently aware of:

Hope you enjoyed this brief cover gallery!



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9 responses to “A Borderland Gallery

  1. Daniel del Valle

    I had an interesting experience when I first read House on the Borderland.
    I was reading the book while I was on my way to the local comicon in San Juan, Puerto Rico.Upon arriving, making the long line to get in, and finally hitting the different booths, I came upon a box of comic books and graphicnovels. I put my hand in the box and pulled out randomly the graphic novel of House on the Borderland! Immediately I knew that I had to read Hodgson’s work.

  2. This is great! Thanks for sharing! I read this famous story some while ago (in german), but so far I had never seen any illustrations.

    • I never did understand why the artist put an ear of corn on the cover. Makes me wonder if anyone there actually READ the book?

      • Sadly, as I learned first hand by working in the industry, a publisher will not connect the artist and author together to work out an appropriate cover, much less, have the artist read the story…too often the publisher just gives the artist some vague idea of what they (the publisher) are looking for on the cover.

      • Joe Broers

        Ha! I remember thinking the same thing when this edition came out. I sure wish Hannes Bok, a favorite artist of mine, would have read the book a little more closely.

  3. Thanks for sharing as I always enjoy the covers of old. And, I learned a phrase I had never heard before, “..of the first water.” 🙂

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