Announcing SARGASSO!!!!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I’ve finally decided to start a new literary magazine devoted to the life and works of William Hope Hodgson!  I believe that I am in a unique position to create a magazine worthy of WHH and, hopefully, not only bring new scholarship on WHH to the public but encourage even more to be created!  The name of the magazine shall be…


This will be a high quality printed magazine with perfect binding and glossy covers.  As of this moment, I am opening the magazine up for submissions for the first issue.  I am looking for well-written, thoughtful articles about WHH’s works and his life as well.  Articles should be between 3,000-3,500 words.  I am also looking for great artwork for the cover as well as some interior illustrations.  Payment will be in contributor’s copies with all rights reserved by the contributor’s.

The first issue will be published in November, 2013.  November was, of course, the month of Hodgson’s birth (and mine as well!) so it certainly seems appropriate.  The deadline for submissions for the first issue is March 31, 2013.  If you have any questions about the magazine or submissions, please feel free to contact me via my email at and please put “Sargasso” in the subject line.

I hope that everyone will support SARGASSO and help it become the magazine that Hodgson has long deserved!

–Sam Gafford



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17 responses to “Announcing SARGASSO!!!!

  1. Micky

    Hello, Sam,
    I would like to know why several of my posts disappeared; hope it is not because they slightly differed from what you had written in your articles. If it be the case, let me know and you’ll never hear from me.

    • Micky

      What the hell …! The “mysteriously disappeared post” I wrote yeasterday and which was not heard of since then suddenly has reappeared right now after closing and reopening the page. Maybe something with my op system; so I stand corrected and take my previous post back.

    • Micky,
      I make it a point never to delete a remove a post and have never had to remove anything here that wasn’t spam. That said, I only get a change to check this site once a day or so and that’s when I have a chance to approve messages so sometimes it takes a little while for them to appear. I will check and see if I’ve missed any of yours previously and approve them. That said, I don’t require anyone to agree with me about WHH or anything else! I appreciate new and differing viewpoints which is what I hope to promote with the new mag. Rest assured, I am not easy to offend nor do I demand that everyone accept everything I say. I will be the first to say this about anything I have written about WHH or anything else, “Of course, I could be wrong!”

  2. james dewitt

    Incredible news! I’ve written some WHH fiction for Andy Robertson’s TNL website. You can contact me at if you are so inclined. I’d be happy to consider some article, essay, etc. for your zine.

    • That’d be great! Expect to hear from me soon! Thanks!

      • Looking forward to it, Sam. In fact, I’d be willing to allow you to publish my story (The Wreck of the Aetherwing) in the zine, if you were interested. It is true to Hodgson, and is set in the Night Land in the age of the flying ships. Let me know if this sounds appealing to you, and I’m not looking for compensation.

        Jim DeWitt

  3. Great! as i stated in the Hodgson enthusiasts FB page, if you need interior or cover artwork just let me know. As an admirer of mr. Hodgson´s work, it would be an honour to collaborate with this prestigious magazine. Greetings from Argentina.

    • Sam Gafford

      I certainly will need some Hodgsonian art! As of right now, the cover and interiors are not assigned yet. The cover will be in full color and the interiors are to be in b/w. Unfortunately, I cannot pay anything beyond contributor’s copies but artists retain all rights to their artwork. Please let me know if you’d like to do something for the mag!

  4. Wow, quite the undertaking (no pun intended).

  5. Excited to see where this all leads. Thank you for a fascinating blog.

  6. Micky

    Sargasso? The Sargasso Sea stories represent only a part (the smaller) in WHH‘s work, so I‘m not sure I would take the same approach if I were in your shoes … I would definitely choose a different name for the magazine, an ambiguous title hintnig at the fact it is dedicated to a writer in horror genre; if I was a horror literature reader with no taste in sea-dogs‘s yarns and look at the name, it may be that I would give it a wide berth thinking this is a marine magazine or a daily about ships without knowing I have missed a very good horror author (hope you will not bite my head off for my impertinent criticism; I only try to express my subjective feelings on the point).

    As for the magazine itself, I think it is a great idea to revive mr. Hodgson in this fashion and I hope it is not going to be just a flash in the pan or two issue marvel; I have slight acquaintance with on-line horror magazine I “run“ some years ago and it is a martydom if you work on your own. At the beginning I was driven by the novelty of my enterprise and my enthusiasm but gradually I grew more and more stagnant, working all alone and having no one to prompt me, till I came to a standstill saying, „Ok, I’ll give a break and put my back to it in a week again,“ never to keep my promise and the whole affair fell flat in the end … So it must be much more complicated as far as a high quality hard cover magazine is concerned, chiefly in such a delicate affair which a magazine containing information about a half-forgotten fantasy writter definitely is. Neverthless, I appreciate what you are going to do and cross fingers for your enterprise to fall out well.

    • Believe me, Micky, I thought about a title for a LONG time! And, as I readily admit, I am horrible at coming up with titles. But, SARGASSO seemed to be the best one. Although it’s true that it implies a bent purely towards the sea-stories, I was hard pressed to think of one that would encompass WHH as a whole. Most of the others I came up with also ended up reflecting one of the novels or stories too closely. So I decided to go with this one primarily because, for better or worse, WHH is known for the novels and the Sargasso Sea stories. I plan to make sure that it is clear that the magazine will NOT only talk about the Sargasso stories but all of WHH’s work and life (including some of his work that isn’t particularly popular like his poetry). I am not looking to make a ton of money with this project. If I break even, I will be amazed. But as someone once remarked to me, “We don’t do these things because we WANT to… we do them because we are COMPELLED to!”

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