Updates and New Poll

It’s been a while since I’ve done this and we have a lot of new readers now so I thought I’d do it again!  I really want to know what you like about the blog and what you want to see more of or even less of if necessary.  I want the blog to be fun, entertaining and informative but sometimes I feel like I’m throwing out too much dry information.  So, I’d like to ask everyone to take a second and vote so I can be a little less clueless than I usually am!


First off, I’d like to add a new bit of info to the earlier post about the autographed copy of THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND.  The collector has also informed me that this copy was owned by H. C. Koenig.  If that’s the case, this copy would have vast historical worth as well as it could be the copy that HCK circulated to H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Frank Long and many others.  That would make that an EXTREMELY important volume!

Second, response to the posts about “The Baumoff Explosive” and the announcement about SARGASSO has been very impressive!  These have been two of the most read posts since I began the blog.  Not sure why that is but I’m not going to question it!  Individual response to SARGASSO has also been very encouraging.  I’ve heard from several talented artists who have promised to submit art for the magazine so now it’s time for you writers to step up!  I can’t publish without material!  I hope to be able to announce ordering information for the magazine soon so keep watching the blog.



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4 responses to “Updates and New Poll

  1. Curious what those who click “Other” are looking for? lol Anyone care to fill us in?

  2. Micky

    I cilked on “Reprints of Hodgson’s Fiction” but being a serious fan of mr. Hodgson I would like to see all the items in your questionnaire 🙂

    Speaking of reprints of WHH’s work, I would like to know how it is about the copyright; Carnacki and the four novels are available, but I have never seen Hodgson’s less notable stories online (except for cca. ten or twelve tales, posted on various dubious web pages). I read somewhere the stories are legal when 70 years have passed since the Author’s death, so, for example, Lovecraft should be free by now.

    • That’s a good question and I’ll answer in the limited understanding that I have. Anything published by WHH DURING HIS LIFETIME is out of copyright. That includes the short stories and collections and novels, etc. I believe that even the two volumes of poetry his widow published shortly after his death are also in public domain. Where this gets tricky is material that was unpublished during his lifetime and not published until later. That means that most of the material collected in Sam Moskowitz’s books, for example, should still be under copyright. However, there seems to be not much interest in enforcing this copyright. After all, “The Hog” was not published until 1947 and yet still appears in every edition of CARNACKI published since then. Anyone else care to provide more information?

    • Martin

      I too had multiple entries that I would have wanted to select, so I just picked the first one. I don’t know if that tells you anything about what I would like to see.

      One thing I would like to see is any attempts to expand the Carnacki mythos. I don’t just mean stories of Carnacki but some attempt to put a Carnacki world view in place. One person that has done this is Marcus Rowland with his “FORGOTTEN FUTURES IV: THE CARNACKI CYLINDERS” which while a source book for a role play game, provides some sort of Carnacki world view.

      You can find Marcus’ efforts at http://www.forgottenfutures.com/game/ff4/ .

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