A Blog Post and Bits & Pieces

There is a very excellent post about Hodgson at the blog, “Roles, Rules & Rolls“.  Although the blog is devoted to role-playing games, the author provides a wonderful essay titled: “Fungi and Swine: William Hope Hodgson’s Disgust Morality”.   This is very informative reading and highly recommended.  I wonder if there might be any RPG modules out there that are Hodgson based or influenced?  Thanks to Andy Robertson for pointing out this great article and make sure you read the comments there too!


That there was a character on the popular TV show LOST who was named “Captain Gault”?  Reportedly a shady ship captain, did he owe more than his name to Hodgson’s smuggler?

That the only son born to infamous Satanist Anton LaVey was named Satan Xerxes CARNACKI LaVey?

That, according to one source, Hodgson once proposed to his publisher that they build a life size boat, fill it with pirates and use it on the streets of London as a promotional campaign for one of his books?

CARNACKI, THE GHOST-FINDER was the only book to get more than one printing during Hodgson’s lifetime?

Hodgson’s widow never remarried?



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2 responses to “A Blog Post and Bits & Pieces

  1. re: RPGs in The Night Land::

    There is an article by Sandy Petersen (THE Sandy Petersen, creator of the seminal “Call of Cthulhu” RPG) at


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