“The Sailor of the Seas of Time” by Phillip Ellis

From poet Phillip Ellis comes this fine tribute to Hodgson.  As we come near the end of 2012, it feels appropriate to post this in remembrance of Hodgson.  Many thanks to Phillip for contributing this lovely poem.

“The Sailor of the Seas of Time”

by Phillip Ellis

I saw the coasts of the unknown world
–William Hope Hodgson, “The Morning Lands” line 1

The sailor has retired from the known seas:
upon that darker shore he’s built his manse,
with widow’s walk so that he knows the ocean,
and, in a sheltered room when night intrudes,

he soon retires with lanthorn and a book,
a tome of tales unwritten in these lands,
and pauses while he ponders on his death
within a Nightland torn by human war.

The sailor has retired, yet does not mourn
the seas we sail upon, bound by our time,
and looks instead upon the seas still mapless,
stretching through archipelagos of dimness;

the sailor has retired, and rests in silence
among the silent, knowing neither clock
nor chaunty of the death watch beetle; stop
passer-by, read his name, remember him.


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6 responses to ““The Sailor of the Seas of Time” by Phillip Ellis

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  2. Mickey

    Of course, it was my subjective opinion which cannot be taken at its face value by those who like the poem; but if I had written I loved the song, it would have been a lie and I want to be candid with my fellow-creatures, for hypocrisy is the worst policy. So keep on going and good luck.

  3. Mickey

    In my opinion, this is nothing but a bunch of sentences, without any cadance, no rhymes, no onomatopeia. It seems to have written by a small boy who likes Hodgson. Sorry to be so straichtforward but There is nothing else I can say about this “piece of art”.

    • Sorry you didn’t care for the poem, Mickey. Poetry is something that is very subjective and not everyone likes the same poems. Personally, I enjoyed it very much which is why I posted it and will continue to post them.

  4. Reblogged this on Your Coleridge and commented:
    Another test…

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