1 sargassoOnce again I’d like to mention that the first issue of SARGASSO: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies is still open for submissions!

So far, I have received some very nice artwork to showcase in the first issue and, just this past weekend, Robert Knox has delivered his STUNNING color artwork for the color!  I wish I could show it now but I need to keep some measure of suspense!  I also have an excellent Hodgsonian story from Pierre Comtois and several articles that are slated to arrive soon.

The deadline for submissions is March 31st.  I plan to debut the first issue at the NecronomiCON convention in Providence, RI, this August.  There are even talks about our participating in a ‘launch party’ at the convention!

I welcome submissions from everyone and am especially looking for articles dealing with Hodgson’s life, works and influence.  Please contact me either through this post or at if you’d like further information or wish to send in a submission.  If you know of someone, or an organization, that would be interested, please pass this post on to them!  Spread the word!

If all goes well, SARGASSO will be a yearly publication and, I hope, the place for Hodgson criticism and scholarship!

2 sargasso(Sargasso logos designed by Jason Eckhardt.)



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6 responses to “SARGASSO UPDATE!!!

  1. Luis

    Hi, Sam. First of all, thank you for this wonderful blog! I have been a Hodgson fan for years and was really difficult find information of this great author. I have read The Night Land many, many years ago in the wonderful spanish edition of Francisco Arellano (with a selections of illustrations of Virgil Finlay). But now I search a good english edition that respect the original version of the novel (I know that many editions are printed the Lin Carter cut version). If you can recommend one, should be really great! Thank you for your great work and keep rocking!

    • Hi Luis! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! It’s responses like yours that are why I am doing all this. Hope that you find much to enjoy here. As for THE NIGHT LAND, Amazon lists a couple of Kindle editions that are uncut. This one ( is free and there is also a Kindle version of the Fourth volume from Night Shade Books of the COLLECTED FICTION OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON but there is a $7.69 charge for that one. Thanks for writing!

      • Luis

        Sam, thanks a lot for the info. But iam an old school guy and prefer a paper copy of the book. Sorry for not show up this point in may message. Its just that its many editions of Hodgson\s work and the Night Shade\s edition seems great, but right now the paper edition its a bit expensive 73USD used and 149 USD new… Its a new editions for april of this year> maybe that is good one, but is weird the 336 pages when in general others editions have +400. Thanks for you answer and for your time!

        • Yes, the paper editions can be a bit pricey. Every so often, one of the Hyperion editions can be found on ebay for roughly $50USD. I have seen the listing you mentioned but can’t really say anything because the listing doesn’t SAY anything! It could be the complete edition, printed small, or the edited one. Nor do I recognize the person who wrote the afterword. It’s a shame that no publisher tied into the fact that, last year, was the 100th anniversary of NL and put out a commemorative edition.

    • Guidelines are pretty darn open! I’m just looking for good, intelligent articles about Hodgson. It can be about his life or work or later influences. I am open as to length (generally between 3,000 to 5,000 words) but articles should include references. Payment is in 2 contributor copies of the magazine when published. If you have an idea you’d like to submit, just contact me at! I am also open to Hodgsonian short stories as well!

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