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S. T. Joshi and I began to compile a bibliography for William Hope Hodgson quite a few years ago.  I can’t testify as to exactly how long ago but I am sure we started before the current Millennium.  At first, our main goal was to see if we could find any stories or articles that might have been forgotten over time.  We did find a lot of material (most of which has been published in one form or another since) but one of the things that surprised me the most was how widely Hodgson had been translated into foreign languages.  I really had no idea that his work had spread so widely over the world.

Those translations have continued to grow to the point where the bibliography now lists 17 different languages.  Some are quite surprising so I thought I’d share the results of that research (to this point) with the readers of this blog.

  1. Czech–1 Book
  2. Danish–1 Book
  3. Dutch–2 Books, 3 Shorter Works
  4. Estonian–1 Book
  5. Finnish–1 Book, 4 Shorter Works
  6. French–11 Books, 9 Shorter Works
  7. Galician–1 Book
  8. German–7 Books, 16 Shorter Works
  9. Greek–2 Books
  10. Italian–9 Books, 32 Shorter Works
  11. Japanese–6 Books, 1 Shorter Works
  12. Norwegian–1 Shorter Works
  13. Polish–2 Books
  14. Romanian–2 Books
  15. Russian–1 Shorter Works
  16. Spanish–20 Books, 4 Shorter Works
  17. Swedish–3 Books, 18 Shorter Works

Several things become evident when we consider this list.  First, the Spanish lead the Book translations with “20” followed by Italian in a distant second with “9”.  Second, Italian leads the Shorter Works translations with “32” with the Swedish translations in second with only “18”.  It is interesting to note that the Italian translations are so strong in the Shorter Works but not as much in Book translations.

Several languages have only “1” Book translation and no translations of Shorter Works including Czech, Danish, Estonian and Galician.  Clearly some work needs to be done in this area.  And, yet, some languages (Finnish, German, Norwegian and Russian) and have more Shorter Work translations than Book translations.

If anyone has more examples of Hodgson’s translated appearances, please feel free to share them with us!



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11 responses to “Foreign Hodgson

  1. In fact, three books were published in Poland. “The House on the Borderland”, “The Ghost Pirates” and a collection of Carnacki stories.
    Oh, there’s also one short story, but as I know, it’s a version for kids, rewritten to simpler language.

    • Pawel, would you happen to have the publishing information for the Carnacki volume? I’d be curious to know the details behind the story that was rewritten for kids as well.

  2. Many thanks to all for your helpful information! I have passed it along to S.T. Joshi for inclusion in the biblio. I hope that it will see print sometime next year!

  3. Mickey

    Having nothing Berger to do, I made a search for the translations of WHH’S works; here’s the komplete list:

    Book: Dům N Rozhraní – The House On The Borderland
    Release Year: 1997

    Story: Hlas Ve Tmě (The Voice In The Night)
    Anthology: Hlas Krve (The Voice Of Blood)
    Release Year: 1996

    Story: Hlas Z temnot (The Voice In The Night)
    Anthology: Strašidla, Duchové, aspol. (Ghosts, Spooks, And The Other Boogeymen)
    Release Year: 2001

    Story: The Whistling Room (Hvízdající Pokoj)
    Anthology: Strašidla Na Dobrou Noc (Good-night Ghosts)
    Release Year: 1995

    Story: Hvízdavý Pokoj (The Whistling Room)
    Anthology: Přízraky, Zázraky, aspol (Ghosts, Miracles, etc.)
    Release Year: 2007

    Story: Smolné Pampero (The Haunted Pampero)
    Anthology: Krypty A Draci (Crypts And Dragons)
    Release Year: 2004

    Story: Výbušnina Baumoff (The Baumoff Explosive)
    Anthology: Otcové Prstenu (The Fathers Of The Ring)
    Release Year: 2004

    * The latter anthology containing ‘The Baumoff Explosive‘ was originally issued under the name of ‘Tales Before Tolkien: The Roots Of Modern Fantasy‘ by Souhlas A. Anderson

    • Mickey

      Czech translations of WHH’s works, I forgot to mention 🙂

    • Mickey, Can you confirm that “The Voice in the Night” was in the 1996 HLAS KRVE? S.T. is stating that the only item he can find with that title in that year is a short booklet of 58 pgs. Is this correct?

      • Mickey

        As for the Czech translation, The Voice In The Night was released in two story collections; they are:

        Hlas Krve – nejlepší britské a americké horory (The Voice Of Blood – the best British and American horror stories), 427 pgs, release date 1996

        Strašidla, duchové a spol. (Spooks, Ghosts and the like), 390pgs, release date 2001

        In the anthology called Hlas krve, The Voice In The Night is translated as HLAS VE TMĚ, in Strašidla, duchové a spol., it goes under name HLAS Z TEMNOT (which means one and the same thing, and the diferrence comes from the fact the original was translated by two different translators)

        The information mentioned above are 100% correct, the two volumes are here, in front of me 🙂

  4. Mickey

    I forgot “The Whistling Room” which is also translated in Czech; so it makes four short works.

  5. Mickey

    Czech translations – 1 Book (The House On The Borderland)
    – 3 Short works included in classic horror anthologies (The Haunting Pampero, The Voice In The Night, The Baumoff Explosive)

  6. Recently three new Hodgson Books have been published in Italian. Here you can find the information:

    Great news to hear that you and S.T. are working on the Hodgson bibliography. About 15 years ago I sent Joshi an Italian bibliography of WHH, and in 2009 or 2010 I revised this work and sent to S.T. the complete bibliography.

    Congrats for your excellent blog!

  7. Martin A

    The first Swedish translation of Hodgson’s first story appeared about a month after its publication in English, which is quite amazing.

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