1 sargasso

The deadline for submissions for the first issue of SARGASSO: THE JOURNAL OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON STUDIES has officially passed and we have a great line-up planned!

I really want to thank everyone who answered my call for submissions.  I am extremely grateful for everyone who send in material.  Not only do we have some very important articles by authors like Jane Frank, Mark Valentine, John Haefele, Phillip Ellis and others but we’ve got some great artwork from Bob Knox, Nick Gucker, Allen Koszowski and more!

I’m in the pre-process stage right now but hope to be able to post the cover for the first issue and a table of contents very soon.  Also, we are right on target for meeting our goal of having the first issue available in August for the NECRONOMICON convention here in Providence, RI.  I will have details on how you can pre-order the first issue by the end of this month.  It will be a limited run so you want to make sure you get your order in early!

It’s almost time to start thinking about the second issue!



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