A new vision of Carnacki!


It’s funny how some things just happen.

Recently, a new reader (Orrin Grey) recommended this blog to a friend of theirs who emailed me about a Carnacki project of his own.  Besides making a new friend, I discovered a great artist with a deep love of Carnacki and all things Hodgson!

M.S. Corley is a graphic artist who has done several comic projects in the past.  (Check out his work on THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. HYDE, published by Dark Horse Comics.)  Lately, he has been working on a more personal project; bringing Carnacki to comics!

Here’s what Corley says about his project:

“The idea of the comic is telling stories about Carnacki investigating strange things, like his actual WHH stories but I plan on loosely adapting old pulp stories and folktales with him in it. For instance in one of the first two issues is a retelling of W.W.Jacobs ‘The Monkeys Paw’. So its less about ghost and more just about anything weird and supernatural, hence why I’m calling my comic Carnacki: Recorder of Things Strange instead of Ghost-Finder.”

Corley is currently working on the first story, “The Terror of London”, which he hopes to have finished soon.

In preparation for the story, Corley has done a series of pin-ups featuring Carnacki in various, dangerous situations.  You can see them on his blog here.

Corley’s artwork is similar to that of Mike Mignola (creator of HELLBOY) but still has it’s own style and technique.  Both are perfectly suited for Carnacki and I look forward to seeing what dangers he inflicts on our favorite ‘ghost-finder’.

Happily, Corley will be submitting a new Carnacki pin-up for the first issue of SARGASSO and will definitely be included in the upcoming CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES.

Thanks to M.S. Corley for allowing me to reprint his logo and one of the pin-ups from his page.  I am sure that everyone will find this as thrilling and exciting as I do!




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2 responses to “A new vision of Carnacki!

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  2. Anonymous

    When I writes a collection of Carnacki stories, what proportion do you make hoax? Is there a trend for them all to be real supernatural or do hoax stories still work for 21st century readers?

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