A Note On The Future of Hodgson Studies

My good buddy, Philip Ellis, sends along this great op-ed piece.  He says a lot of what I’ve been saying for awhile and I hope that we can inspire others to take up the banner.  Because, in truth, it’ll take more than just one or two of us to truly bring about a Hodgson revival.


by Phillip A. Ellis

It’s up to us!

I have been thinking a number of things, most of which involve either
Hodgson’s poetry or the study of Hodgson’s poetry. Yes, as Sam Gafford has
written, “There hasn’t been a great deal written about William Hope
Hodgson’s poetry.” That’s from the exact opening of Beyond the
Dawning: The Poems of William Hope Hodgson, at the top of page three.
Part of me wants more of that writing about the poetry, as it does about
the poetry of other work I enjoy or admire.

I realized early on that, if I want that sort of material, I had best be
prepared to write it myself. This is why I write guest blogs here, about
the poetry. And it is why I have also written about it for
Sargasso. Yet that’s not enough for me; I want more.

This is why I decided to write this particular guest post. If you want to
read about Hodgson, or Machen, or Lovecraft, or Derleth or whoever, it’s
up to you to do so. If we all waited for other people to write what we
want to read, nothing will get written at all. We would have the desire,
but not the fulfillment.

This is why I’d like you to consider supporting places like
Sargasso by writing the analyses of the fiction (and the poetry)
that only you can write. And the more we write and read, the more we
participate in the critical dialogue around us, the more we find to read
and enjoy, and even respond to.

Now, I’m going to make an illustration of this, but with an example about
Lovecraft. Don Burleson once had a piece on Lovecraft’s “Mirage”
published. I’ve read it, and I wanted a reply to it; and I have done so.
My piece has yet to be published, but I am working on that, and what
matters is that I took the first step of writing what I wanted to read.

Quite often, you’ll find others wanting to read the same things.

Note: Beyond the Dawning: The Poems of William Hope Hodgson was
edited by our Sam Gafford, illustrated by Ken Alves, and published by
Hobgoblin Press in Bristol, RI, in 1995.

<Note from editor:  I’d like to add to Phillip’s post by stating that this blog is always open to article submissions about Hodgson.  The more people who are writing about Hodgson, the more people who will read him and want to write about Hodgson themselves.>


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