What is Hodgson’s BEST Work?

Let’s have a little fun today.  What do YOU think Hodgson’s BEST work is?  You can vote for your favorite or the work for which you think Hodgson will be best known.  I have my suspicions as to which one will win but let’s see what happens!



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5 responses to “What is Hodgson’s BEST Work?

  1. Eric

    I think I might have accidentally voted twice. If so, I apologize.

    My vote is for “The Boats of the Glen Carrig” because, to me, it combines the best elements of his other three novels (which makes sense, considering you discovered that he wrote it last).

    It has an imaginative setting and unique, otherworldly frights, akin to “The Night Land”.

    It has action scenes with the same brilliant pacing that we saw in the early parts of “The House in the Borderland”, when the Recluse is fighting off the Swine-Things.

    It has a relatable, downright-likable band of protagonists, much like what you’ll find in “The Ghost Pirates”. I’ll grant you that, with the possible exception of the Bo’sun, they aren’t nearly as distinct as the poor souls in “G.P.”, but they’re still likable and worth rooting for. Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction in seeing them all find ways to overcome the various problems and obstacles they encounter, something that we don’t get to see the “G.P.” characters do.

    It’s both my favorite Hodgson novel and my favorite Hodgson work in general, a close second being “The Stone Ship”.

  2. phillipaellis1968

    I voted for _The House on the Borderland_ becauseit captures the spirit of cosmicism equally as well as _The Night Land_, yet is unhindered by the latter’s unique usages of language. While there is the nautical aspect of the other two novels that give them a degree of appeal, there is less of that cosmic viewpoint, and none of the worldview of _The Voice of the Ocean_ that intersects with _House_.

  3. Micky

    Definitely “The House On The Borderland”, the second place belongs to “The Ghost Pirates”, “The Night Land”, The Boats”, The Voice” and “The Hog” are mediocre and so far I have not been able to find out why exactly these stories are mentioned most as if they were WHH’s masterpiece. In my opinion, Hodgson wrote much better stories, “The Derelict”, “The Baumoff Explosive” or “Through The Vortex Of A Cyclone” much better.

    Sometimes I think the cause is people are limited by what of Hodgson’s work is available because some of his yarns are much more creative (The Terror Of The Watter Tank” employes the popular concept of a mutated hybrid animal in drainage used by his literary successors) than those regarded as his masterpieces.

  4. I voted “the house on the borderland” for best novel, but my other favorite works are “the ghost pirates” and the short stories “the voice in the night” and “the habitants of middle islet”. Carnaki´s “The gateway of the monster” it´s really good also (in my opinion) but those are the works that i first remember when i think of Hodgson. greetings from Argentina

  5. I voted for “The Night Land” but my personal favorite is actually “The Whistling Room”. Not really sure why. It isn’t the most creative or best written of his work but I really enjoy the atmosphere for some reason.

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