Sorry About That, Chief!

Well, I ended up taking a slight bit of an unexpected vacation for the last couple of weeks.

sargasso coverAlthough I haven’t posted, I have been hard at work and I’m delighted to say that the final computer files for the first issue of SARGASSO have been sent off to the printer!  Now begins the fretful waiting and pacing.  There were a lot of last minutes problems (not to mention a need to carefully review all 208 pages for a final edit) as well as some issues with the cover but I’m hopeful that it is all set and will be arriving on my doorstep in about a month.  Which will be just about in time for the NECRONOMICON convention in Providence, RI, in August!  I’ll be there with SARGASSO (hopefully) and a couple other things including one I’m working on right now but can’t disclose just yet.  So if you’re coming to the show, make sure you swing by my dealer’s table and chat about Hodgson a bit!

Oh, I’ll also be talking about Hodgson on a panel at said convention called “The Other Guys: Bierce, Chambers and Hodgson” which will take place on Saturday, August 24th.  Come watch me stammer and speak incoherently!

Regular posts will commence on Wednesday when I look at the Carnacki story that is probably the weakest: “The Find”.  I’m also working on a few posts regarding an exploration of the Sargasso Sea in the early part of the 20th century on the Arcturus.  Quite fascinating stuff.

At a recent gathering of like-minded individuals, I was talking about Hodgson (might be something of an obsession there) when I was stunned to find that many there had never read WHH!  Naturally, this concerned me a great deal.  No writer can gather fans if they can’t be read.  The general consensus seemed to be that it was too difficult to find copies of Hodgson’s work or that they were too expensive once found.  While it’s true that most, if not all, of WHH’s most significant fiction is available free online, there didn’t seem to be much interest in those versions.  Does this mean that WHH needs to be put out once again in inexpensive, affordable formats?  I think it does!  Now if we could only convince publishers of that fact.




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2 responses to “Sorry About That, Chief!

  1. Are you waiting to release the New Adventures of Carnacki? I can’t wait to see Sargasso #1, and am hoping you received my money order for it. Have fun in Providence!

    • Hi Amy! I did indeed receive your money order and your copy is reserved! I’m still working on the Carnacki book but it doesn’t look good for it being out in time for the convention. The problems of being a one-man operation, I suppose!

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