Did You Know?

Here’s a little post about interesting Hodgson facts.

Did you know:

That Hodgson did not get married until he was 35?

That Hodgson’s wife was the same age?

That, during his lifetime, the only American publication of any of Hodgson’s books was Captain Gault?

That Hodgson had no children?

That his widow never remarried?

That Hodgson had three primary publishers? (Chapman & Hall, Stanley Paul & Co. and Eveleigh Nash.)

That Eveleigh Nash was actually the first to publish the work of Algernon Blackwood?

That Hodgson was an accomplished photographer?

That, in addition to using pictures of himself in his physical culture articles, Hodgson took many photographs while at sea and was the first to photograph the phenomenon of ‘stalk lighting’ where the lighting seems to rise from the sea?

That there has only been one major film based on a Hodgson story?  (MATANGO based on “The Voice in the Night”)

That Hodgson was not published in the acclaimed horror pulp Weird Tales until March, 1947? (“The Hog”)

That there were no editions of Hodgson published between 1921 and 1946? (The House on the Borderland and Other Novels, Arkham House, 1946)

That Hodgson wrote everything, including letters, on a typewriter?



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