Vintage Ad, part one

In the back of the copy of CARNACKI  which I have (Holden & Hardingham, 1921), there are four pages of ads for Hodgson’s other books.  This was not an unusual practice particularly among the more ‘inexpensive’ publishers.  They thought, probably quite correctly, that “if you bought this book by this author, you might like these other books by them as well”.  I’m not certain exactly when this policy became unpopular but it does give us a nice glimpse into how Hodgson’s books were advertised to the public.

This first page shows ads for two books: THE CALLING OF THE SEA and THE LUCK OF THE STRONG.  Now, what is unusual here is the fact that THE CALLING OF THE SEA was not published by Holden & Hardingham but by Selwyn & Blount.  I am a bit perplexed why they would advertise another publisher’s book especially on the very first page of ads!  I wonder if perhaps H&H owned Selwyn & Blount considering that they also shared the same address?  Notice also, the misspelling of the title of THE CALLING OF THE SEA!


The ad is reproduced below, followed by my transcription.




With an introduction by A. ST. JOHN ADCOCK

Crown 8vo, boards, 2/6 net

Mr. Hope Hodgson, whose short stories of the sea won for him a wide popularity, spent eight years at sea.  He was living in the South of France when war broke out, but joined up, obtained a commission in 1915, and was killed in action in April, 1918.  His poems are now collected for the first time and reveal a side to his character which will be new to his readers.

Published by SELWYN & BLOUNT, Adelphi, London, W.C.2



Crown 8vo, Cloth, with Attractive Pictorial Jacket

Price 2/6 net (Postage 4d.)

“Mr. Hodgson more than once has been paid the compliment of being likened to Poe.  It is a compliment not carelessly paid.  Among it all there is not a dull paragraph.” — Daily Telegraph

“The author spins his yarns cleverly and neatly, has a crisp, racy style, and a bold imagination, with a flair for the macabre and horrific that will always appeal to a wide public.” —Bookman

“…There is more adventure and incident to the square inch than one usually finds between covers.” —Sheffield Telegraph



12 York Blds., Adelphi, London, W.C.2




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