Post-Con Recovery

I attended last weekend’s NECRONOMICON in Providence, RI, and lived to tell the tale!

It was a great time filled with seeing old friends, making new ones and lots of Lovecraftian frivolity!  I had a small table in the dealer’s room where I sold a few copies of both SARGASSO and HODGSON and spoke with a lot of people about ol’ WHH and various Hodgsonian things.  A great time was had by all.

On Sunday, I was honored to be part of the panel, “THE OTHER GUYS”, where I and several other scholars talked about some of Lovecraft’s contemporaries.  I spread the word about Hodgson as much as possible but, in such a short time period, I had to be brief.  It’s my hope that the panel, and my presence in the dealer’s room, will lead to other’s picking up Hodgson’s work as well.  A number of interesting topics were brought up during the weekend and, as a result, I have a few other Hodgson projects in mind for the future.  For one thing, I was frustrated because when someone would stop by the table and mention that they’d heard about Hodgson but never read him, I didn’t have any of WHH’s works for them to buy!  Nor, did I notice, did anyone else in the dealer’s room.  It’s hard to encourage people to read an author when you don’t have anything there to back it up with!  This is something I will have to work on for the future.

sargasso coverAs a result of the convention, my stock of copies of SARGASSO and my book of essays, HODGSON, have been depleted.  However, I still have a limited number of each available for anyone who either missed the pre-order or couldn’t attend the convention.  I actually have only 30 copies left of SARGASSO (out of a 150 copy print run) and this issue will not be reprinted.  It can be ordered for $20 plus $5 s&h in US or $10 s&h foreign.  As for HODGSON, I only have 10 copies of that book left which is $10 with same s&h rates.  I will happily autograph either copy if desired.  The reaction to SARGASSO has been very WHHfavorable which encourages me to continue on with a second issue for next year.  Anyone interested in contributing should contact me at: and paypal payments can also be sent to that yahoo email.

There is much work left to do on Hodgson so let’s get to it!



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7 responses to “Post-Con Recovery

  1. This post should have a button for multiple likes! I did my BA paper on Lovecraft, and started studying Hodgson independently after graduating from Ghent University. I wish we had conventions like this in Belgium, where both authors are virtually unknown. To me, this blog has become indispensable. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Joe Hinton

    Excellent! Thank you.

  3. Joe Hinton

    Sam, have you had a chance to mail out the pre-ordered copies of Sargasso yet? I am eagerly awaiting my copy!

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