Vintage Ad, part two

Here is the second ad page which appeared in the back of the 1921 Holden & Hardingham edition of CARNACKI.  Like the previous page, it attempts to create demand for one of Hodgson’s other books which was also published by H&H.  And, as before, it’s interesting to note because of the reviews that were quoted.  Transcript follows the scan.

whh ad men




Crown 8vo, Cloth, with Attractive Pictorial Jacket,

Price 2/6 net

(Postage 4d.)

“A serious contribution to literature.  Its quality is

excellent . . . ‘Through the Vortex of a Cyclone’ is a

description of one of Nature’s overpowering phenomena not

unworthy of the pen of Michael Scott himself.”–Times.

“No lover of tales of mystery and imagination that are

also good literature should miss this book . . . They grip

you, as Poe’s grim stories do, by their subtle artistry and

sheer imaginative power.” — Bookman

“These stories of the sea are enthralling . . . Mr.

Hodgson is a writer on whom the mantle of Poe has fallen.”

Liverpool Courier

“In ‘Through the Vortex of a Cyclone’ sheer imagina-

tive descriptive writing reaches a climax.  It is mangifi-

cently done.”– Pall Mall Gazette.

“In these stories of the sea Mr. Hodgson worthily main-

tains a well-won reputation of strength in the qualities of

imagination, mystic beauty and spiritual force.”

Glascow Herald.


12 York Bldgs, Adelphi, London, W.C. 2


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