Vintage Ad, Part Three

Here is the third ad which appeared at the back of the 1921 edition of CARNACKI, published by Holden & Hardingham.  This time the ad is for Hodgson’s THE NIGHT LAND which, even back then, may have been a difficult sell to uninformed readers.  I wish that we knew the circumstances under which H&H reprinted all of the Hodgson’s books in 1920-21.  Why did they do that?  How did it come about?  Sadly, like much of Hodgson, we will probably never know.

A transcription of the ad follows the graphic.

whh ad nl



Crown 8vo., Cloth, with Attractive Pictorial Jacket,

Price 2/6 net

(Postage 4d.)

“A remarkably fine piece of narrative . . . a tour de

force.”–Morning Leader.

“This extraordinary love tale . . . Mr. Hodgson is gifted

with a strong imagination.”–Pall Mall Gazette.

“It cannot be denied that ‘The Night Land’ is a wonder-

ful effort.”–Manchester Courier.

“A daringly imaginative love story, and as such you will

find it a very original and remarkable book.”–Bookman

“Mr. Hodgson shows himself to be strong in imagination

and mysticism.”–Athenaeum.

“Mr. Hodgson has achieved a tour de force.”–Morning


“Mr. Hodgson’s novel is impressive–nay, more, it is

haunting. For its spiritual beauty and imaginative art

I cordially recommend it.”–Occult Review

“The book is in every sense remarkable . . . The style

in which it is written, the theme of which it treats, and the

eerie imaginative quality which abounds in it are all exceed-

ingly rare and fascinating, so that when once it has been

taken up one cannot leave it for any length of time.”–

Vanity Fair

“The story is one that claims and holds the attention

from start to finish of a novel of considerable imaginative

power and striking originality.”–Country Life



12 York Bldgs., Adelphi, London. W.C.2



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2 responses to “Vintage Ad, Part Three

  1. Joe Broers

    Hey, that sounds pretty good! Actually, I’ve read ‘The Night Land’ but only once, and that was over 30 years ago. Stayed with me, though.

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