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“Mr. Lovecraft? Meet Mr. Hodgson.”

Many Hodgson readers came to WHH through H.P. Lovecraft’s highly influential essay, Supernatural Horror in Literature.  The praise that HPL reaped on Hodgson make it impossible for readers to not want to search out and read these books.  But, how did Lovecraft discover Hodgson and what did he have to say about WHH that isn’t widely known?

Andy Robertson (who runs the excellent website, The Night Land, and which any Hodgson fan should be reading) has recently helped to answer some of those questions by posting various comments which HPL made in his letters to his friends.  Although some mentions are quite short and perfunctory, others are brimming with the excitement that Lovecraft felt over Hodgson’s work. 

This is an excellent aide for further research and study of both Hodgson and Lovecraft and I highly recommend this page.  Of course, a vast majority of Lovecraft’s letters are still unpublished so there is always a chance that more will turn up.  Andy welcomes contributions and additions from any source so let him know if you have something to share!

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