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Ulthar Press website!

I’ve just released a website for my new small press company, ULTHAR PRESS, which I’d like to invite everyone to come and visit!  I started this primarily as a way to publish SARGASSO as well as my book of essays, HODGSON.  Things have continued to grow and, although Hodgson will always be a focus of Ulthar Press, we’re planning on some other projects as well.

The next title to appear from Ulthar Press will be the Centennial Edition of CARNACKI, THE GHOST-FINDER!  This book will restore the texts to the original 1913 edition for the original 6 stories and the earliest possible editions for the remaining three.  I am currently writing an extended essay about the Carnacki stories that will form the introduction for this volume.  In it, I will examine the stories as well as discuss the enduring popularity of Carnacki as well as his place in the annals of both weird and mystery literature.  Expected release date will be November, 2013.  Help us celebrate the 100th anniversary of Carnacki’s first book appearance!

After that, fans can look forward to the release of CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES featuring new tales of Hodgson’s ghost finder by writers like Jim Beard and William Meikle.

Additional projects in the pipeline include new editions of the works of Oliver Onions, the Benson brothers, more occult detectives and much more!  I hope you will join us on this eldritch journey!

Come visit Ulthar Press at: http://www.ultharpress.com/



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