Here’s some nice reviews of the first issue of SARGASSO!

It’s great to hear such nice reactions to the book after all the hard work that went into it.  If anyone knows of any other reviews, please let me know.

As of today, only four copies remain and then the book will be completely sold out.  I may do the second issue differently but haven’t decided yet.  There is also a possibility that I may offer subscriptions in the future but I haven’t decided that yet either.  If you have an opinion on subscriptions, please respond in the comments section!

sargasso cover



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2 responses to “SARGASSO Reviews

  1. Sam, I would definitely subscribe, but because it is being done in book format, and because ‘magazines’ are more difficult to market, I think you’d be better sticking with the name ‘Journal of…’ but simply selling each issue as it published, with an individual price. This would give you the option of changing price from issue to issue depending on size, content, format etc. I think it’s a pity not to reprint No 1 – have you considered making it available as an e-book? There may well be libraries would access it via download etc, and if I were you I would try and have it indexed by JSTOR.
    cheers from Down Under

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