Carnacki On Stage… AGAIN!

Earlier this year, we spread the news that a new stage play featuring Carnacki was being produced in England.  The playwright, M. J. Starling, writes to tell me that the play is being staged again and, very appropriately, during October!

M. J. Starling writes:

“I’ve got a couple of bits of news you might be interested in. Still no recorded version of the Carnacki play, I’m afraid, but two of the next best things: it’s being performed again, this time as part of the London Horror Festival, with the original cast and production team; and I’ve made the script available as a free ebook … [in] the hope that other theatre companies might get their hands on it and devote themselves to putting it on again!).

“The script ebook also has all the original Carnacki stories and some DVD extra-type content – interviews and things – so it should be worth a look for Carnacki fans.”

Our thanks to M. J. for letting us know about the upcoming performance (yet another reason I wish I were in England!).  The play will be performed on October 22-24 at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden.  I encourage everyone to check out the play if they’re in London during this time and to forward any reviews.

For more information (along with a free e-copy of the script), please follow these links:




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