SARGASSO Available on Kindle!

For a limited time, I am making the first issue of SARGASSO available through Amazon on the Kindle.  As previously mentioned, the printed edition will not be reprinted but I have had a number of people asking for an e-book edition.  So, after much frustration, you can now buy a copy for your Kindle on Amazon.  I’ve done this for a couple of  reasons:

1) I want to see if there is any demand for this, or my other Hodgson books, electronically.  I am a traditionalist at heart and believe that nothing is as good as a printed copy.  However, I do know that many people prefer electronic books these days and particularly those who live overseas. So it will be available until November 30, 2013, at which time I will evaluate whether it is worth continuing to offer it.

2) The price is fairly low at $3.99 and this is primarily because of the formatting difficulties in the conversion to the Kindle format.  The version that is available is complete and contains everything that the printed version does (it is notated as the 2nd edition, however) but some of the margins, spacing and layout is hinky.  I offer this version with the caveat that it will not look exactly the same as the printed version.

3) The first printed edition will never be reprinted.  Collectors can be assured that they have the only printed copies of SARGASSO #1 that will ever be available.

4) If this is successful, it will greatly change my business model going forward where I will move from the more traditional publishing method of printing and then selling to incorporating more e-book versions and also possibly moving more towards a CreateSpace model for printed copies.  Although moderately successful, SARGASSO #1 was a significant financial burden and I don’t want to repeat that experience.

If you are interested in ordering a copy of SARGASSO #1 for your Kindle, you can do so here:

It is also available on and other foreign amazon affiliates.

As always, we thank you for your support of SARGASSO and all things Hodgsonian!

Sam Gafford


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