CARNACKI copyI’m still waiting for confirmation on a couple of items but want to announce the following contents for the upcoming anthology:

William Miekle–“Captain Gault’s Nemesis”

Josh Reynolds–“Monmouth’s Giants”

Jim Beard–“The Haunting of Tranquil House”

P.V. Ross–“A Gaslight Horror”

Robert Pohle–“Carnacki & The President’s Vampire”

Fred Blosser–“The Spar: A Story of Carnacki”

Buck Weiss–“The Magician’s Study”

Amy K. Marshall–“The Ghosts of Kuskulana”

Please note that this is not the final list of contents or even the final order.  Congratulations to all these fine authors and I’ll update with publication information very shortly!


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One response to “CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES contents!

  1. Reblogged this on HUNTING MONSTERS and commented:
    I’m not going to lie–I’m really quite excited about being a part of this particular anthology. I’ve been a fan of William Hope Hodgson’s work since I was a wee sprat of a student, and a fan of Carnacki the Ghost-Finder in particular. But “Monmouth’s Giants” isn’t just a Carnacki story–it’s also the long-awaited origin story for the Royal Occultist! As ghastly phantasmal giants stalk the crypts of Guildhall in 1914, Thomas Carnacki takes a young Charles St. Cyprian under his wing in an encounter that will change the course of the latter’s life…forever.

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