RARE Hodgson dust jacket!

I recently heard from Richard Humphries, a Hodgson collector, who had an interesting question.

He was wondering if there were any existing dust jackets for the Holden & Hardingham edition of CAPTAIN GAULT or if it were scarce?

Doing a little investigation, I found that I could not find any examples of this particular dust jacket in any of my references.  Also, the internet was similarly bereft.  I could find no postings of a cover and certainly no edition with dust jacket currently listed for sale anywhere.

Therefore, the conclusion was that this dust jacket is indeed rare and scarce which would affect the book’s value considerably.

Mr. Humphries was kind enough to provide a scan of the cover and permission to reprint it here.  It is indeed an interesting cover and, although I cannot pinpoint which story it illustrates, it does keep somewhat to the theme of Gault having to deal with troublesome women!

I hope you all enjoy this peek at a true Hodgson rarity!

captain gault 001


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One response to “RARE Hodgson dust jacket!

  1. Very interesting. My favorite Captain Gault story is A Drum of Saccharine. When I think of WWI I often think of how many great writers perished during a struggle for nothing. I always wonder what else we would have had. The same goes for so many writers and poets taken before their time.

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