New Hodgson Anthology Coming Soon!

41a52vtZ9FL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_S.T. Joshi has informed me that his new collection of Hodgson’s fiction, titled simply William Hope Hodgson, will be available from the publisher on January 14, 2014.  It’s being published by Centipede Press which did a huge, slip-cased omnibus edition of Hodgson some time ago but this volume is considerably less expensive and part of a series edited by Joshi called “Library of Weird Fiction”.  I believe the other volumes are collections of Lovecraft, Blackwood and Poe so ol’ WHH is in some fine company indeed!

The book can currently be pre-ordered via Amazon at this link:

Amazon is currently listing it at $45.60 which is a 24% off of the cover price.  I highly recommend that everyone order this book not only for the stories but also the introduction by S.T. Joshi as well as what are billed as “rare photographs of Hodgson”.

The collection includes THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND and THE GHOST PIRATES as well as a selection of the short fiction.  I know that S.T. has taken great pains to make sure that the texts are accurate and reflect, where possible, first appearances.  Let’s give this edition a lot of support so that hopefully we will see more Hodgson volumes in the future!





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4 responses to “New Hodgson Anthology Coming Soon!

  1. I also don’t see this on the Centipede website as forthcoming either.

    • Don’t know why Centipede isn’t listing it but perhaps they just haven’t gotten around to updating their website. Amazon lists all four of the upcoming volumes and, as I heard this directly from S.T. Joshi, I’m confident that the book will appear.

  2. Sam,
    The single Amazon review entry for this is all messed up. It is for the more expensive slipcased edition.

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