1whhThis book is a bit of a weird duck but I’ve found it to be extremely valuable in collecting Hodgson and identifying different editions.

The cover page states:

William Hope Hodgson


Volume One:

An Annotated Bibliography Of Published Works


Compiled And Edited


Joseph Bell


It was published by Soft Books, Canada, in 1987 in a limited edition of 250 copies.  A note on a further page states that this is the first of a purported six volumes: “A bibliography, a biography, at least three works of fiction by Hodgson, and a final volume consisting of addenda to the first two volumes and a section on Hodgson’s works in translation”.  Sadly, I believe only the first two were ever published.

Where this book excels is in the annotations for the volumes.  Take, for instance, entry for this item:


The Night Land

G. Bell & Sons, Ltd., [April], 1912.

Note. Issued simultaneously, (and apparently part of the contractual agreement), with TNL1a and except for changes in the copyright and bindings both are identical. Issued in two states no priority; (A). Blue cloth, [3/6. not seen and whether price is affixed is not known]  (B). perfect bound paper wrapper, (blue?), [2/6., see above].  Sixteen page catalogue publishers advertising at rear both states.  The dust wrapper if any not seen, see “Note” TBOT”GC”1.

The notations for the Holden & Hardingham edition of THE NIGHT LAND are especially helpful as it designates no less than four different states with an unknown priority.

The remainder of the book is a bibliography of magazine appearances.  Although useful, it will be rendered obsolete by the upcoming bibliography appearing in the Hodgson volume from Hippocampus Press later this year.

For the annotations on the various book editions alone, this is a excellent volume and one that any serious Hodgson collector or student should have.





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