One of the projects that I’ve been working on is Hodgson’s genealogy.  I believe that it is important in helping understand WHH as well as his time period.  To that end, I have developed this family tree of Hodgson’s immediate family:

whh fam

From this, we can see several interesting facts.

1) WHH’s oldest brother, “Chad”, died two years before WHH.

2) WHH’s next oldest brother, Lawrence, as well as the two brothers who immediately came after him (Herbert and Thomas) all died between 1-2 years of life.

3) The majority of the rest of his siblings lived relatively long lives.  “Chris” lived to be 87 years old while “Bertha” was 84.

If we remember that “Chad” had been ostracized from the family for marrying a divorced woman (probably around 1900), then that would have made WHH the male head of the family.  This may explain, in part, his remaining close to his mother and perhaps delaying marriage so long.

More research has shown that virtually all of the rest of Hodgson’s siblings left England for either Canada or America.  “Chris” eventually settled in California where he worked for a San Fransisco newspaper for many years.  Only “Lissie” stayed in England where she cared for their mother until the latter’s death in 1933.

I have some further information regarding the families of WHH’s siblings but, in deference to their privacy, will not be posting those details.




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5 responses to “WHH’S FAMILY TREE

  1. I’ve done a lot of research on folks, and when I do – I go from grandparents to grandchildren, and nieces and nephews and their children. as well as Uncles, Aunts, and cousins. . I believe that all those folks have or could have an impact.

    • I agree. Although I don’t think that WHH had any contact with his siblings after they left England other than letters. There’s no evidence he ever visited there or that they visited England either.

  2. Ruth Russell-Jones

    And I’m very happy to hear details of this branch of my family!!

  3. Ruth Russell-Jones

    WHH is my second cousin twice removed (his grandmother was my great great aunt) so I’ll also do some work on this. Much information is available for those with a subscription to Ancestry,

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