A WHH Podcast

I stumbled across this some time ago but am not sure if I remembered to pass it on or not.

Now available on iTunes is a “William Hope Hodgson podcast”.  It consists of readings of “The Voice in the Night”, “Captain Dan Danblasten” and the entirety of THE BOATS OF THE ‘GLEN CARRIG’.  They are iTunes files so you do need an iTunes account to hear them but they are free.


This podcast was done by Paul R. Potts who also wrote the very excellent Wikipedia entry on WHH which you can find here:


That page also includes many links to Hodgson’s works that are available to read free online.

The podcast hasn’t been updated for some time and Mr. Potts has no current plans to do more Hodgson but perhaps we can change his mind!


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  1. Eric

    1 or 2 years ago, I found MP3 versions of those readings on Paul’s blog: http://hodgecast.blogspot.com/

    Not sure if they’re still there, but if they are, they’re a nice alternative for people who prefer that format to iTunes.

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