A Review and Other Items

The first issue of SARGASSO received a very strong review here:


Sadly, the book is now completely out of print but I am happy that it has been received so well.  A Kindle edition is still available at:


I have no plans to reprint this issue so the Kindle is the only currently available edition.

Speaking of SARGASSO, I am still in need of material for the second issue!  I am looking for articles, essays, short fiction, art, poetry about or influenced by Hodgson.  I’m especially looking for fiction and art for this issue.  If you’d like to contribute, please contact me at lordshazam@yahoo.com with “Sargasso” in the subject line.  Deadline is May 15th for this issue.

And here are a couple of other interesting items I’ve found around the web.

“Science of The Night Land: Dying Suns and Earth Energy” by Roger Lamb is an interesting look at some of the science behind that unique novel.  Although Hodgson was not a scientist himself, it’s curious to see how this connects.  You can read the brief article at:


Another curious article is “Fungi and Swine: William Hope Hodgson’s Disgust Morality” which discusses the abundance of pigs in WHH’s fiction and what they might mean.  The article reminds me of the old adage from Winston Churchill; “Cats look down on us, Dogs look up to us and Pigs look down upon us as equals”.  This article is online here:


I apologize if I’ve posted these before but they are interesting enough to be worth another look!








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