“Shoon of the Dead”–A poem

In celebration of National Poetry Month, here’s another of Hodgson’s poems.


Hush! as you pass.

    And hark!

Three taps on the glass

In the gloaming

From someone out in the dark–



Hush! and hark

To a step you hear pass:

Someone is out in the dark.

Hark to the death-wind go wailing,

And the tap of a ghost on the glass.

Hush! and hark! Hush! and hark!


Open the door,

And listen!

Only the wind’s muffled roar,

And the glisten

Of tears round the moon.

And, in fancy, the tread

Of vanishing shoon–

Out in the night with the Dead.


Hush! and hark

To the sorrowful cry

Of the wind in the dark.

Hush! and hark, without murmur or sigh,

To shoon that tread the lost aeons;

To the sound that bids you to die.

Hush! and hark! Hush! and hark!



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2 responses to ““Shoon of the Dead”–A poem

  1. Jonathan

    I wish to know from what poetry book comes this poem, because I read long time ago in the novel House On The Borderland, but wasn’t complete.

    Thanks to sharing us this amazing writter

    • The poem first appeared under the title “To My Father” in HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND. It was reprinted in THE ARKHAM COLLECTOR in 1968 and subsequently reprinted in THE LOST POETRY collection (2005). It will be included in the forthcoming COMPLETE POETRY OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON which will be published in 2015.

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