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2nd Edition CARNACKI

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00067]After getting some much needed feedback, I’ve decided to go to a second edition for CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES.  There’s been a few people who have pointed out textual problems and concerns over the interior design so we’re going to reformat the book and re-release it next month.

The cover and contents will remain the same but the text and design will be different.  I feel it is my obligation to provide the best book possible for the contributors and the readers.

So, on April 15th, I will remove the book from Amazon’s currently available list.  The 2nd edition will be available in May and I’ll alert everyone when it can be ordered.  Which means that you only have until the 15th if you want a first edition of this book.  After that day, the only way you’ll be able to get a first edition will be from book dealers.

Here is the current link for the first edition:


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A Review and Other Items

The first issue of SARGASSO received a very strong review here:

Sadly, the book is now completely out of print but I am happy that it has been received so well.  A Kindle edition is still available at:

I have no plans to reprint this issue so the Kindle is the only currently available edition.

Speaking of SARGASSO, I am still in need of material for the second issue!  I am looking for articles, essays, short fiction, art, poetry about or influenced by Hodgson.  I’m especially looking for fiction and art for this issue.  If you’d like to contribute, please contact me at with “Sargasso” in the subject line.  Deadline is May 15th for this issue.

And here are a couple of other interesting items I’ve found around the web.

“Science of The Night Land: Dying Suns and Earth Energy” by Roger Lamb is an interesting look at some of the science behind that unique novel.  Although Hodgson was not a scientist himself, it’s curious to see how this connects.  You can read the brief article at:

Another curious article is “Fungi and Swine: William Hope Hodgson’s Disgust Morality” which discusses the abundance of pigs in WHH’s fiction and what they might mean.  The article reminds me of the old adage from Winston Churchill; “Cats look down on us, Dogs look up to us and Pigs look down upon us as equals”.  This article is online here:

I apologize if I’ve posted these before but they are interesting enough to be worth another look!







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A WHH Podcast

I stumbled across this some time ago but am not sure if I remembered to pass it on or not.

Now available on iTunes is a “William Hope Hodgson podcast”.  It consists of readings of “The Voice in the Night”, “Captain Dan Danblasten” and the entirety of THE BOATS OF THE ‘GLEN CARRIG’.  They are iTunes files so you do need an iTunes account to hear them but they are free.

This podcast was done by Paul R. Potts who also wrote the very excellent Wikipedia entry on WHH which you can find here:

That page also includes many links to Hodgson’s works that are available to read free online.

The podcast hasn’t been updated for some time and Mr. Potts has no current plans to do more Hodgson but perhaps we can change his mind!

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I’m told that April is National Poetry Month so I will post one of Hodgson’s less known poems every Wednesday in April.

This poem is a parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem but changed to be more appropriate for writers.  It was never published during Hodgson’s lifetime nor was it included in the two volumes of poetry that Hodgson’s widow published after his death.  It would not be published until 1976 when it appeared in Omniumgathum: An Anthology of Verse by Top Authors in the Field of Fantasy.


(Without the usual apologies.)

Once upon a morning dreary, while I pondered weak and weary

O’er MSS unaccepted that were scattered round the floor–

While I pondered, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping,

As of someone gently rapping, rapping at my outer door;

‘Tis a Dun, I muttered weakly, waiting hungry for my ore–

Only that, and nothing more.

Suddenly my soul grew stronger, and I stayed in bed no longer;

For a strange presentment whispered that the Post was at the door,

And that all that gentle tapping which had stirred me in my napping

Was the postman slowly dropping cheques by scores upon the floor.

And at the thought–loud cheering–rushing I to my outer door-

MSS there–and nothing more.

Long I stood there peering, peering–all the evil in me leering;

And my back and heart were aching ere the pile was off the floor;

Then at last the quiet was broken, as I murmured forth in token

Of my lack of due elation, one bright adjective–and more,

These I whispered very gently, and there echoed back in awe

Just a cuss, and nothing more.

‘Editors,’ I muttered slowly, ‘are you men or are you devils?

(Buy the MSS that are with you!) By that God we all adore,

Tell this soul with MSS laden, if within some dusty haven

I shall see my name engraven in your book wherein you score

Names of those who are “accepted”? Hasten now I do implore!’

Came a whisper–‘Nevermore!’

For the Editors are sitting, still are sitting, grimly sitting,

On my tousled heaps of MSS piled beneath them on the floor;

And their eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,

Whilst their pens are ever streaming o’er ‘REFUSALS’ by the score;

And the thud of MSS falling through the slit in my front door

Shall cease thudding–nevermore!







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