SARGASSO #2 news

1 sargassoWell, the deadline for submissions to SARGASSO #2 wrapped up on May 15th and, I must admit, I was a little disappointed.  Frankly, I need more material.  Although I have some very nice articles by people like Mark Valentine, Jane Frank and others, I still need more if I’m going to make this issue like the first one.

So, I’m sending out the call AGAIN!  If you have anything you’d like to submit for SARGASSO, now is the time to do it!  I especially need some Hodgsonian fiction and artwork.  I’m also open to reviews of Hodgson books (new and old) and more articles.

But I can’t keep the doors open for much longer!  If you have something ready now, send it in!  If you have an idea for something you’d like to submit, let me know so I can work with you on getting it in on time.

We are scheduled to go to press with the issue in November so there is some time left but not a whole lot.  The first issue of SARGASSO proved that there was an interest in and demand for Hodgsonian studies so let’s keep that momentum going!

Contact me at: and please put “SARGASSO 2” in the subject line.

Thanks, everyone!


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