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There is much going on at the moment and much planning yet to do!  Phillip A. Ellis and I are hard at work on THE COMPLETE POETRY OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON which may see publication later this year.  In addition, the new Carnacki collection is quickly taking shape. It is called CARNACKI: THE LOST CASES and reveals the details of the many cases that Carnacki hints about and mentions in the original Hodgson stories but never fully reveals. This is scheduled for release early in 2015!  I’m also hopeful to finally get my definitive edition of the original CARNACKI stories out later this year which will include my comprehensive introduction about the series, the character and his life beyond Hodgson. Not to mention the second issue of SARGASSO is on track for a November, 2014 publication date. Plus I have a few more surprises in store for 2015 and beyond! The advancement of Hodgson continues!

In the meantime, here are a few odds and ends from around the net about Hodgson:

HODGSON V HOUDINI is a brief recap of the infamous meeting between the two men. It reprints one of the newspaper accounts. My more detailed recap was recently published in WEIRD FICTION REVIEW and in the upcoming collection of Hodgson essays from Hippocampus Press.

Hodgson apparently was awarded the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award by Readercon in 2006. I wish I’d known about this as I would certainly have attended this convention just for the award ceremony alone!

Arvid Nelson wrote a very nice blog post about Hodgson which I’m sad to say I’ve only recently discovered. Nice overview of Hodgson’s work and Arvid makes the case for Hodgson as a writer of “Magical Realism”. Arvid is the writer of the very fine comic series REX MUNDI among other things.

Wormwoodiana is the online companion to the fine journal published by Tartarus Press. This entry talks about the film and TV adaptations of Hodgson.

“The Mystery of the Vampire” is a kind of “pulpish” story purported to be a ‘found’ Hodgson manuscript in the same way that Dr. Watson’s manuscripts keep turning up all the time.



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