New Carnacki appearance

I’ve just been notified that “The Thing Invisible” will be included in an upcoming collection!

It will be in THE BLACK LIZARD BIG BOOK OF LOCKED ROOM MYSTERIES which will be published by Vintage in October, 2014.  Here’s the Amazon listing:

And here’s what the cover looks like:


Although this isn’t the biggest news for Hodgson this year, it always helps to get his stories in front of new readers.







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2 responses to “New Carnacki appearance

  1. Mickey

    “The Thing Invisible”, one of the better Carnacki stories, including a senile old man setting his trap in an old family chapel. I do not understand why the stories like “The Whistling Room” are so much anthologized while some of the Carnacki stories are much better (for example The Haunting Jarvee or The House Among The Laurels or The Horse of The Invisible).

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