A WHH Obituary

You never know where things will turn up.

Recently, Douglas Ellis posted a picture on Facebook of a section from a letter’s page in an old pulp magazine. It was an editorial notice of the death of WHH in WWI but what makes this notice especially interesting is the fact that it quotes from several letters WHH wrote to the editor before his untimely death! As any letter from Hodgson is rare (and those from his WWI days doubly so), I asked Douglas if he’d allow me to post the picture here.  He happily agreed and provided the photo below.

This comes from an issue of ADVENTURE, October 18, 1918, Vol. XIX, No. 2. Their letter column was known as “The Camp-Fire”. It makes me wonder if there may be other letters from WHH hiding in more magazines!

1918 10 18 hodgson letter and death noticeAgain, many thanks to Douglas Ellis for sharing this rare discovery with us!




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