A WHH Birthday Tribute

It’s birthday week for Hodgson starting today! His actually birthday is on the 15th (Saturday) but we’re not the only ones celebrating this event!

Michael Bukowski will be featuring artwork based on Hodgson’s creatures all this week on his blog, Yog-Blogsoth (which, I think, is probably the coolest name ever for a blog!).  Every day will be a different creature and he’s started the week off with what is probably Hodgson’s most famous creature: the Swine! Here’s a sneak peak:


Be sure to check his blog every day this week for a new Hodgson creature!




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One response to “A WHH Birthday Tribute

  1. The joey Zone

    “YoG-Blogsoth is the name
    To Mike B goes the fame :D”

    i’ll leave it to some GENIUS w/the last name of… BROERS or McKITTRICK say to
    do a sculpt based on this *that would glow in the dark*

    REGARDLESS: It’s nice to have some WHH based art to consider for exhibit, EH? 😀

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