Currently Available Hodgson Books

It’s a good time for Hodgson. In addition to the books I mentioned the other day including SARGASSO #2, there are several other excellent collections that are still available through Amazon.

41a52vtZ9FLProbably the best single collection of Hodgson’s work is this edition from Centipede Press. Edited by S.T. Joshi as part of their “Centipede Press Library of Weird Fiction“, this volume includes two of Hodgson’s novels (The House on the Borderland and The Ghost Pirates) along with 22 short stories including Hodgson’s masterpiece, “The Voice in the Night”, the Carnacki tales and many others. I have reviewed this book before in this blog and my esteem for it continues to grow. This many be the most important Hodgson collection published since Arkham House’s 1947 omnibus The House on the Borderland and Other Novels which kept Hodgson from falling into complete obscurity. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!



whh_draft_cover_cropThe long awaited WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON: VOICES FROM THE BORDERLAND from Hippocampus Press is being reported to me by several people as arriving in their mailboxes. I have yet to receive a copy but was honored to help Massimo Berrutti and S.T. Joshi in the compilation of some of these items. This collection contains many of the important early essays on Hodgson’s life and work as well as some thrilling new essays by leading writers in the field. It also includes, at long last, the extensive bibliography of Hodgson’s work. Amazon is currently listing this title as “out of stock” but you can order it from the publisher here:



4166L4fxSjLStill available, although I’m not sure for how long, is Night Shade Book’s 2012 collection of Hodgson’s work; The Ghost Pirates and Others: The Best of William Hope Hodgson. This excellent collection is a great introduction to Hodgson for those looking for something a little less expensive than the Centipede Press book. It contains the title novel and a good selection of Hodgson’s short stories.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



51BgjSnOCOLI would be seriously remiss if I didn’t also recommend William Meikle’s fine collection of Carnacki stories, CARNACKI: HEAVEN AND HELL. This is a truly splendid collection. Meikle manages to recreate Hodgson’s legendary character to such an extent that one would think that these had actually been written by Hodgson himself! I truly believe that it is thanks to this book (as well as A.F. Kidd & Rick Kennett’s excellent No. 472 Cheyne Walk: Carnacki, the Untold Stories) that Carnacki is as popular as he is today. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


I was amused to see that Amazon has an author’s page for Hodgson! You can find it here. This lists some of the most recent books other than the ones I listed above. You can just search Amazon by author’s name and that will also bring up many Kindle editions as well as some POD editions which I mention but can’t really recommend as I’ve never seen them.


So that’s a lot of Hodgson currently out there! Indeed, between these and the online free editions, the bulk of Hodgson’s fiction is available!



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3 responses to “Currently Available Hodgson Books

  1. Thanks, Sam. I have a second collection out with a publisher at the moment too, so fingers crossed…

  2. Recently obtained Centipede’s Hodgson and, as the first Centipede title I’ve owned, I’m struck by how immense the thing is on the shelf! Looking forward to reading through it for many years to come. I wonder if you have any opinion on the free electronic editions of Hodgson available for the Kindle? I bet they’d be similar to the free Lovecraft ebooks- no editorial content, some spelling issues, but as complete as you could hope for. Thanks for your work here, Sam!

    • I don’t really recommend the ebooks. They’re ok if you just want to get a taste of Hodgson’s writing but, in general, the poor editing and typos are distracting. I really love the Centipede Press Library of Weird Fiction! I have all four and they are great books.

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