The Night Land website LIVES!

All too often we wonder, as most creative people do, “will what I have created live past me?” It’s a difficult question to ask and one that, I feel, we all toil against. After all, if our work has no permanence, then what is the point in creating anything at all?

Hodgson lost a valiant and enthusiastic champion in 2014 with the passing of Andy Robertson. His website ( was an invaluable source of information about Hodgson’s unique and challenging novel as well as a forum for the exchange of ideas and new stories about the Night Land. With Andy’s death, the longevity of the website was in question and, when it recently went down, the worst was feared.

Thankfully, like a beacon of light, Kate Coady has rescued the site and given it new life!

Here is what she had to say in an email sent to many of the fans and supporters of Andy’s work:

The Night Land website at is down, probably for good. The late Andy Robertson’s hosting account expired.
We’re up on the Night Land’s new home. It’s the prosaic but practical
I delayed putting the site back up because I was researching how easy it would be to transfer the old domain to me, or point it at the new website. Searching wasn’t as straightforward as it could have been, because the whois record was oddly ambiguous, and because British Telecom even more oddly seems to have let one of their important domains lapse.

The new website is now active and retains the old site’s visual design and construction.

Please do stop by and check it out and thanks again to Kate for preserving Andy’s memory and work.


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  1. Thanks for letting everyone know!

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