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Some Reviews!

Recently, Dave Brzeski wrote some very nice reviews of CARNACKI: THE NEW ADVENTURES and both issues of SARGASSO for the British Fantasy Society. You can find those reviews here:




I’d like to thank Dave for taking the time to review and promote those books. It truly does mean a lot.

I don’t think it will come as any surprise to anyone when I say that I don’t make money doing these books. The total print sales for each one of these books barely exceed three figures so we’re not talking a 50 SHADES OF GREY level blockbuster here. As such, I often feel that I am producing these books, essays and blog posts in a vacuum without knowing if anyone is appreciating or even reading these things. This blog rarely gets over 100 hits on a single day which, given the amount of weird fiction fans, can be somewhat discouraging.

Still, it’s only to be expected. Hodgson is a niche writer in a relatively small genre. He’s never going to have the critical success or name recognition that Poe or Lovecraft currently enjoy. So that’s why I want to thank Dave for putting up those reviews and reminding me about why I published them in the first place: Hodgson.

It’s been a tough year for me and 2015 is barely started. Last year, I was looking towards publishing several Hodgson books including a volume of THE COMPLETE POEMS OF WILLIAM HOPE HODGSON. I had to scrap that poetry book when it became obvious that the cost would outweigh sales and I’d recently been considering canceling SARGASSO as well. Now I have a lot more to think about and more material to create for this blog.

Hodgson wasn’t a quitter. That was abundantly shown during his life as he tried profession after profession and never failed to pick himself back up after a failure or set-back. That’s what Dave reminded me about and what I have to keep thinking as I move forward in 2015.



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