It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and thought that it was about time for an update!

Sadly, the Hodgson panel at NecronomiCON has been cancelled. As one of the organizers for the convention, I had to face the difficult task of trimming down the prospective panels to a manageable list and the Hodgson panel was one of those that was cut. The OCCULT DETECTIVES panel will still be held, though, so I will be presenting WHH and Carnacki at that panel.

Speaking of Carnacki, I am getting back to work on the definitive Carnacki collection which will provide the best versions of the classic stories as originally printed in the first edition back in 1913! Look for more information on this soon.

Also, some of the writers who I had lined up for contributing to CARNACKI: THE LOST CASES have had to drop out for various reasons and I am looking for new contributors! This is an anthology that takes the cases that Carnacki mentioned during the original Hodgson stories and expanding those hints into their own stories. Right now, I have the following up for grabs:

“The Noving Fur Case” mentioned in “The Gateway of the Monster”

“The Buzzing Case”

“The Yellow Finger Experiments”

“The Nodding Door Case” (all mentioned in “The Whistling Room”)

And the following visual of “the ghost of a child’s hand patting the floor” from “The Horse of the Invisible”

If you’d like to take on one of these stories, please contact me at my email: lordshazam@yahoo.com and let me know. The story length is 3,000-4,000 words and deadline is July 1st, 2015, for a hopeful publication by NecronomiCON in August!

Previously I had considered publishing a COMPLETE POETRY of WHH but I’ve had to cancel that project as it simply would not cover the costs of production. Although his poetry is neglected, I cannot expect there to be enough sales to support it.

I’ve been told that the $60 edition of Hodgson from Centipede Press is now out of print. However, I’ve gotten reports that some copies can be found from various booksellers and I would recommend that anyone who hasn’t picked up a copy of this book do so before it skyrockets in price! Here’s a link to one:


This same dealer has two of the Night Shade hardcovers still available for less than $20 each so I’d snap those up if you don’t already have them.

I am also hard at work compiling THE COMPLETE CAPTAIN GAULT which will include all of the Captain Gault stories.  I hope to have this completed by the end of the year.

SARGASSO #3 has been delayed and is still in great need of contributions! If you have something that you’d like to submit for consideration, please do so ASAP!

Thanks to all for your patience and be sure and look for me at NecronomiCON in August!



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2 responses to “UPDATES!

  1. The joey Zone

    CARNACKI-Con remains undaunted. HOPE is it’s middle name. Just wrote an email to FELTON saying how I’m planning on spending some major dolero$ at YOUR table. Bottom line: even if not during a formal panel, come August–people will be talkin HODGSON–RESPECT, TjZ

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