This is a blog about the English writer, William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918).  Known primarily as the author of four novels (THE NIGHT LAND, THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND, THE GHOST PIRATES and THE BOATS OF THE “GLEN CARRIG”), WHH also wrote many short stories, articles and poems.  Hodgson is acclaimed as one of the early voices in science fiction and horror and he has influenced many authors over the years.  Writers such as H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith have sung Hodgson’s praises.

This blog will examine many aspects of Hodgson’s life and writing.  Our goal is to promote a larger audience for WHH’s work as well as to encourage literary criticism.  Comments and submissions are also welcome.  Send them to the administrator of this blog, Sam Gafford, at lordshazam@yahoo.com.


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  1. Charley Brady

    I’ve arrived here by way of your current entertaining and affectionate piece in the Lovecraft eZine. I must confess to not having read WHH in years but now finding the appetite whetted! I think that I only own two Hodgson hardbacks, but they’re good ones: the first volume of the Nightshade collected works; and ‘The Wandering Soul’ from Tartarus Press.
    Incidentally (and no doubt you know this), Carnacki is mentioned in Alan Moore’s ‘Black Dossier’ as being a member of the second team of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen; and if memory serves me Hodgson himself turns up as a character in Richard Lupoff’s novel about Lovecraft, ‘Marblehead’. — although I’m open to correction on that one, the old brain not being what it once was…

  2. Author Barbara Hambly has an interesting post at Goodreads about how she listens to audios while painting. Hodgson and Lovecraft are two of her favorites. She quips that she thought she was the only person in the world who knew of and liked the Carnaki stories.

  3. lisalovecraft

    I’m a big fan of Hodgson after reading Adrift on the Haunted Seas. He was a great weird fiction writer!

  4. Saw a mention of The House on the Borderland in a book by Lincoln Child. Blogged the conversation at http://wp.me/pZnGI-56

  5. It is in a collection entitled: “Medi-Evil 2 (A collection of historical terror and fantasy).” I think it is only available as an e-book. I definitely got a Hodgson feel right off the bat and it is a pretty good story. Finch is a little known but IMHO a very good short story writer. I have invested in a couple of his collections from Ash-Tree Press.

  6. I will assume you already know about all things Hodgson, but have you ever read The Amphibians by Paul Finch? It is so obviously a fugue (and a very good one) on Hodgson’s weird nautical menace. We even get the Sargasso Sea!

  7. Just popped in to celebrate the anniversary of William Hope Hodgson’s birth. Happy Birthday!

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