I was previously sworn to secrecy over this but, with the recent announcement this past weekend, I can now inform everyone that a new edition of THE HOUSE ON THE BORDERLAND is now available for pre-order!

This new edition is being published by Swan River Press as a hardcover with an introduction by legendary writer Alan Moore, an afterword from Iain Sinclair with art by John Coulthart. A cd of music inspired by the book is also included. Moore is a longtime fan of Hodgson having written the introduction to Richard Corben’s graphic novel adaptation of this same book (Vertigo, 2003) and included Hodgson’s immortal ghost-hunter, Carnacki, as a member of his LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN. Iain Sinclair wrote several afterwords to Hodgson’s work years ago and this was one of the most controversial of those essays.

This promises to not only be a landmark edition but to sell out very quickly! I would recommend pre-ordering as soon as possible!


You can find ordering information here:



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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Sam.

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