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8 responses to “Contact Me

  1. I have just found out about William Hope Hodgson and I live in Blackmore End, which is in the Parish of Wethersfield. We have a History Group in Wethersfield. I am sure they would be very interested in hearing about William. Do you ever give talks about him?

  2. Dan Nordquist

    The thumbnail cover in the center of your banner at page top looks to be a black and white interpretation of “The Night Land”. I know the pic to the right of it is from the DJ of the H & H edition of that book. But whre is that more detailed center piece from ? Thanks, Dan

    • I believe that artwork was done by Phillipe Drulet and was one of a few he’d done. Can’t remember where I found it but it should be on the internet somewhere.

      • That should be Philippe DRUILLET, Sam. Hi there. We met a couple aeons ago in Providence. Unfortunately I can’t make to America this summer, but it goes without saying I will want to revisit RI again at some point.

  3. Just wanted to say “HI”.
    I just discovered your blog and so happy to see other people so into this author.
    Actually I always loved his writings so much without caring about looking for other fans.
    But glad I found your blog.
    And will order right tonite your Voices from Borderland co-work.

  4. Mickey

    You wanted some information on the Czech version of “The Voice In The Night”, so here it is

    As for the Czech translation, The Voice In The Night was released in two story collections; they are:

    Hlas Krve – nejlepší britské a americké horory (The Voice Of Blood – the best British and American horror stories), 427 pgs, release date 1996

    Strašidla, duchové a spol. (Spooks, Ghosts and the like), 390pgs, release date 2001

    In the anthology called Hlas krve, The Voice In The Night is translated as HLAS VE TMĚ, in Strašidla, duchové a spol., it goes under name HLAS Z TEMNOT (which means one and the same thing, and the diferrence comes from the fact the original was translated by two different translators)

    The information mentioned above are 100% correct, the two volumes are here, in front of me.

    P.S. I really do not know about the Czech 58pgs issue of “The Voice” you mentioned; can you be more specific?

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