The following is a chronology of the life of William Hope Hodgson.  This is presented in the interest of furthering scholarly interest in Hodgson and is not meant for reproduction without prior approval.

William Hope Hodgson


1846      October 7 – Samuel Hodgson born to William and Ann Hodgson

1869      Samuel Hodgson matriculates from Lichfield Theological College in Lichfied, Staffordshire

1871      December 25 – Samuel Hodgson ordained as Deacon of Anglo-Catholic Church of England

1871-1873           Samuel Hodgson serves as Curate at South Darley, Derbyshire

1874      Samuel Hodgson ordained as Priest of the Anglican Church

Becomes Curate at St. James in Wednesbury, Staffordshire

1875      Samuel Hodgson moves to Pattiswick, Essex

Samuel Hodgson marries Lizzie Sarah Brown in Wednesbury

1876      Samuel sent to St. James Church in Greenstead Green, Essex

Samuel sent to Wethersfield, Essex

Samuel appointed Curate and Windsey Lecturer of Wethersfield Church

1877      November 15 – William Hope Hodgson born at St. Mary the Virgin, the Blackmore End District Church of the Parish of Wethersfield

1878-1879           Samuel becomes Curate at St. John’s Church in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire

1879-1882           At Skegby in Stanton Hall, Nottinghamshire

1885-1889           William Hope Hodgson attends school in Margate and visits during holidays

1886      Samuel Hodgson appointed as Curate at St. Andrew’s in Battersea, London

1887      Samuel Hodgson sent as missionary to Ardrahan, County Galway, Eire, Ireland

1890      Samuel Hodgson appointed as Curate to All Saints Church, Blackburn

Family moves into Frasier Villa at 42 Longshaw St.

William Hope Hodgson graduates from school

1891      August 28 – William Hope Hodgson runs away from home, again, and (with the help of his uncle, Reverend Thomas Lumsdon Brown) is apprenticed to Master W.W. Nelson of the firm of Shaw and Savill for four years as a seaman in the Merchant Marine

1892      May – Samuel and Lizzie Hodgson open Gospel and Salvation Mission in Blackburn

Samuel Hodgson develops cancer of the throat

November 11 – Samuel Hodgson dies at the age of 46.

1895      William Hope Hodgson qualifies as a seaman and then as an officer in the Merchant Marine

April – William Hope Hodgson’s older brother, Chad, joins the British Army against his mother’s wishes

1896      Nearly destitute, Lizzie Hodgson applies to the Clergy Orphan Corporation in London for free admission for her daughter Lissie to the Corporation school

1898      March 28 – William Hope Hodgson saves an overboard sailor in shark-infested water

1899      William Hope Hodgson receives a medal from the Royal Humane Society for the rescue

1900      William Hope Hodgson leaves the sea permanently

December 16 – William Hodgson, grandfather to William Hope, dies and leaves an inheritance to the family

1901      William Hope Hodgson opens his school of physical culture in Blackburn

August – Publishes “Dr. Thomas’s Vibration Method versus Sandow’s” in Sandow’s Magazine (This is his first published work anywhere.)

1902      August 30 – WHH rides down Brantfell Road (a steep road made of stairs)

October 24 – WHH and Harry Houdini face off at the Palace Theatre in Blackburn

1903      WHH closes his school by the end of the year

1904      Family moves to Borth near Aberystwyth, Cardiganshire.  The house, called “Glaneifion”, was on High Street.

April – “The Goddess of Death”, WHH’s first published story appears in Royal Magazine

1906      April – “From the Tideless Sea” first published in Blue Book

1907      August 16, signs contract for BoGC

The Boats of the ‘Glen Carrig’ published by Chapman & Hall

August – “More News from the Homebird” (sequel to “From the Tideless Sea” first published in Blue Book)

November – “The Voice in the Night” first published in Blue Book Magazine

1908      The House on the Borderland published by Chapman & Hall

1909      The Ghost Pirates published by Stanley Paul & Co.

WHH meets Arthur St. John Adcock, editor of The Bookman, which was published by Stanley Paul & Co.

1910      WHH moves to London

1911      Lissie and her mother move to a house on the outskirts of Borth which they rename “Lisswood” in honor of Lissie.

1912      The Night Land published by Eveleigh Nash

1913      Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder published by Eveleigh Nash

February 26 – Marries Bessie G. Farnworth

March – WHH and Bessie move to Sanary, France

1914      Men of the Deep Waters published by Eveleigh Nash

August 4 – England declares war on Germany

The Hodgsons return to England.  WHH joins the Officer Training Corps of the University of London while Bessie goes to Borth to stay with WHH’s sister and mother.

1915      July – WHH commissioned as Lieutenant in the 171st Battery of the Royal Field Artillery, part of the New Army Division.

WHH sent to Salisbury Plain for maneuvering of large field pieces and trains others in the handling of the horses used to pull the pieces

1916      The Luck of the Strong published by Eveleigh Nash

June – WHH thrown from a horse and suffers a broken jaw and a concussion.  He is discharged from the Army and sent home to Borth to recover.

1917      Captain Gault: Being the Exceedingly Private Log of a Sea-Captain published by Eveleigh Nash

March – WHH (recovered) re-enlists and joins the 11th Brigade.

October – The 11th Brigade is stationed at Ypres

October 10th – WHH joins the 84th Battery which relieves a forward battery south of Rugby Dump.

1918      March 12 – 84th Brigade takes over positions at Brombeek

March 20 – 84th Brigade suffers heavy gas shelling and high velocity shelling at the Tourelle Crossroads

March 30 – 84th Brigade relieved by Belgian Artillery

April 2 – 84th Brigade marches to Ploegsteert area to relieve Australian Artillery and take position at Le Touquet Berthe

April 10 – Germans launch a large attack which briefly hospitalizes WHH

April 16 – 84th Battery withdraws and sets up a Forward Observation Post

April 17 – WHH volunteers for duty at the Forward Observation Post

April 18 – WHH and another N.C.O. take up the FOP.

April 19 – Last communication received by WHH; reported M.I.A. later that day when no further reports are received

April 19 – WHH and comrade suffer a direct hit from Mortar shell with what little remains can be found buried on the spot by French soldiers on the eastern slope of Mont Kemmel in Belgium.

Bessie returns to her family in Cheshire

1920      The Calling of the Sea published by Selwyn & Blount

1921      The Voice of the Ocean published by Selwyn & Blount

1933      WHH’s mother dies at the age of 81 in Borth

1943      July 23 – Bessie dies and WHH’s literary estate passes to his sister, Lissie.

1946      The House on the Borderland and Other Novels published by Arkham House

1947      Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder published by Arkham House (expanded edition with 3 more stories)

1959      May – WHH’s sister, Lissie, dies in Borth


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